Tips on Packing for a [quick] family getaway.

Friday, March 23, 2018

We ended spring break with a little getaway as a family, but we couldn't leave without some packed bags! Even though the weather was playing tricks on us, packing light with all our essentials has become easier with practice, but is possible on a first try!
I actually like packing and checking off my list (Pinterest has countless, very helpful and even seasonal packing templates). The only thing I dread is unpacking. I can pack a bag in an hour, but then take a week to unpack it!

Here are some of my basic packing tips:

Always start with the basics!

-Underwear, pajamas and simple layering pieces 
(cami’s, tights/leggings etc. You know you need them, 
and they’re the quickest to grab).

Check the weather and be mindful of your destination!

-Pack two of any seasonal item you can rotate.
So for example: two bathing suits, two sweaters and then wear bulkier or heavier items whilst traveling (hat, coat/jacket).

-Don’t forget footwear as well.
Pack flip flops or slides and a nice pair of sandals.
A flat (you can dress up or down) and sneakers if you plan to do a lot of sight-seeing and then if the occasion calls for it, a dressy pair of shoes.

 Clockwise: Converse, Cat & Jack (Target Line) slides and rose gold glitter shoes, and Gymboree sandals.

Clockwise: Adidas Cloadfoam slides (comfort level = heavenly),  Dolce Vita for Target Animal print slip on shoes,  A New Day (Target Line) rose gold Gucci inspired slip on loafers, Chinese Laundry block sandals.

Top to bottom: Nike SB, Nike,  Gymboree strap sandals.

-Regardless of where I’m going, I’ll always pack a denim jacket 
or cardigan for myself and the kids. Denim jackets and cardigans can go with any outfit (dressy or casual), worn for indoor or outdoor traveling and can sub as a blanket if needed.

Left to right: Crazy 8 cargo jacket, Old Navy blush cardigan, Old Navy vintage denim jacket.

Pack light!

-Bring toiletries that can be shared or in small travel containers.
-Don’t over pack if it’s not necessary.
-Keep your wardrobe neutral with a few colors and prints to allow layering, interchangeable outfits and ease.
-Roll clothing for more room.

Bring your own snacks!

The airport snacks are always expensive, and the gas station doesn't always carry what you might be craving (and tend to be unhealthy)! You can easily knock off time by not having to worry about snacks every pit stop or while sitting on the plane, or before, with not enough to eat.

Children like to munch, and having a few of their favorite snacks already on hand will give you some peace and them pleasure. On a previous blog post, I mentioned the benefits of packing your own snacks and how economical it is!

I hope these quick packing tips can help you getaway a little faster with ease.

- Natasha xo


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