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Friday, January 4, 2019

As I’ve come to make whole foods and nutrition a part of my family and I’s lifestyle, it was essential I would do the same for baby number three. 

For my daughter, we gave her your typical baby food out of the jar, no questions asked. But when we were expecting our second child, I knew I’d want to make his baby food and allow his palate to be open to all kinds of foods (can we say beets, parsnips and spinach). 

Fast forward to today, we have a third, and eager, little mouth to feed, but the time to prep and make his food is nowhere to be found. Granted, I’ve been able to mash some bananas and avocado for him and prepped and froze green beans for him, I still don’t have a stash like I did last time in the freezer. 

With the help of Raised Real, I’ve been able to worry less about the time to prep and store his food, and focus on keeping him fed, full, and open to a explorative and nutrient dense diet. The meals are organic and plant based and even though they have portioned but now pre made, you have the choice to purée, mash or feed it to your little one as finger food. Parents need options, and I’m here for it! 

He is still being breastfed and I make sure, matter-of-fact, he makes sure as well, that he doesn’t skip a feeding. However, with him joining us for meals now, having adding something more hearty to his diet has made him a happier little guy. 
I’m big on getting the kids involved in the kitchen with meal prepping and healthy food choices, so they like helping me choose one of the pre-made packets and helping me blend as well. 
Dad even gets to join in and lend a helping hand with meal time without me having to have meals prepped or stored away on the freezer. 

And though little man can down sometimes up to 7 oz of food in one sitting and the Raised Real packets come with only 4.5 oz, with two feedings a day, I can get at least 10 days of extra help and supplement nutrition for Noah. 

If you’re looking for prepped baby food already portioned for your little one to save time, but you’re worried about your budget (time is money after all) I have a coupon code just for you! 
Head to and use the code: NATASHA25 to save $25 on your first order. 

-xo Natasha 

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