6 Free and Fun Family Activities for the Weekend

Friday, February 22, 2019

I know I love doing things with my family 
and most of the time, if I’m not eating I’m spending moments with them! The mister will tell you I’m always looking for ways to have the most fun with the least amount of dollars, but I know some experiences come with a price tag!
 With so many ideas and places out there, it can get overwhelming and even with budgets, it can sometimes seem unattainable. Fun can happen with lots of laughs, creativity and genuine devotion to one another. 
Today I’m sharing some free, fun and family/oriented activities you can do with your tribe. 

Arts and Crafts
Make fun masks or crafts.  
Nate’s school project turned out to be a great moment for quality time with him and just daddy. We’ve made paper plate masks with the kids before and they loved it. The only downside was when we had to put them up. You can use empty cereal boxes, straws, construction paper, crayons and markers, craft supplies (I always get ours from the dolor store and sales at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby). You can even have some fun with food coloring and shaving cream!

Bored? Grab a board game 
We have acquired a stock thanks to sales during Black Friday or with miscellaneous money. We always try to get a new one during hurricane season if we’re expecting a direct hit because we don’t want to be stuck playing an old game by force. 

Singing Games
Finishing song lyrics (this is great idea for Family Worship nights with kingdom songs) or just shout words that come to mind after you stated another one. It’s a great way to be social, hear the creative things you or your child can come up with and laugh away at any silly melodies that come about. 

Walk in the Park
Take a stroll together. 
Our family picked Sunday to be active together for at least 20-30 minutes. We usually walk and the kids ride their scooters or run to and fro. 

Goods, Baked Goods
Make a dessert together. Life is sweeter when you bake together. 
It can be a quick açaí or smoothie bowl, quick half chocolate dipped banana or fruit bites, cookies or even a cake. Give everyone a task to help get the job done; someone can be in charge of reading (hey literacy skills), preparing the ingredients “mise en place” meets fine motor skills) and everybody is in charge of eating as enjoying a sweet treat. 

A trip to your local library
The library always has tons of educational and free resources. 
There’s writing workshops, story time, hobby/craft classes, and I don’t have to mention books right? We easily spend at least and hour here and you and your family can together too! 

**Other activities can include: local free festivals, sprinklers in the back yard, pool or beach day, and even playing dress up. 
Inculcating a giving spirit from a young age is a great way to teach giving can be fun as well (2 Corinthians 9:7).
Gather up clothes and/or toys together to give to your local shelter and make sure the whole family is involved. Evening writing thank you cards or drawing appreciation cards for close and far loved ones, who could use encouragement or a sweet reminder they are loved.

The key is to use what you have on hand and improvise, and remember, have fun!
I hope you guys have a productive and eventful filled weekend. 
What do you and the family have planned? 

-xo Natasha 

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